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West tour defense east China sea dragon palace 5-12 time limit checkpoint clearance strategy

West Tour Tower Defense Game Posted at: 2019-07-12 10:37:16

The level of 5-12 is quite difficult in the section of dragon palace in the east China sea. I have studied and tried many times before successfully completing it.If you get stuck on this level, check out the strategy.

First we have to look at the additional task, although pass is the most important, but the additional task to complete, is also a great thing.

1. Build four top masters of wealth;

2.let the dragon king destroy 8 monsters;

3.set a time to find the time to increase the props.

We play with quests.At the beginning, we gave enough gold coins to build two patronuses, so we chose a master of wealth and a white dragon horse.Because the white dragon horse has the group attack ability, can hit up the nearby prop.

The dragon king is hidden under a prop, so we need to find it quickly.

Next, build two white dragons in this location and finish off all nearby items.

Finally, cancel the two white dragons and replace them with gold coins and build a master of wealth on the side of the road where the monsters are.Because this time the white dragon horse has no use, to cancel in time.

Tip: when the operation is too late, remember to press the pause button, when the suspension does not affect the cancellation, the construction of patronus these operations.

Have a good time!