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West tour defense east China sea dragon palace 5-9 checkpoint clearance strategy

West Tour Tower Defense Game Posted at: 2019-07-11 09:53:44

The whole chapter of the east China sea dragon palace is generally more difficult than the previous one.Especially in the middle level, if you don't pay attention to small details at the beginning, it is easy to fail the level or complete additional small tasks.Today small make up to you is the east China sea dragon palace 5-9 checkpoint clearance strategy, hope to help you.

First let's take a look at some additional tasks:

1. Do not build tota king;

2, let the heavenly soldiers destroy 100 monsters;

3, time limit to eliminate props.

And then we play with these little missions.

Since it requires heavenly soldiers to destroy monsters, then the first patron saint we created is heavenly soldiers.
Note: the first heavenly soldier must be built in this position, otherwise it will be blocked by props and will not be able to hit the monster.

Secondly, when there is enough gold, don't rush to upgrade the previous heavenly soldier. Create another heavenly soldier in the above picture to help fight monsters and play props at the same time.At this point, the free soldiers can knock out the surrounding props.

Next, create the third heavenly soldier in the position above to finish off the left props.

When you find the hidden patronus, your combat power will be greatly improved.

Isn't it easier to get through and complete additional small tasks?

Have a good time!