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West tour defense east China sea dragon palace 5-2 checkpoint clearance strategy

West Tour Tower Defense Game Posted at: 2019-07-08 14:26:47

The east China sea dragon palace is the west tour defense game in an ocean scene checkpoint, the blue sea scene is particularly beautiful, but the game difficulty is not small.Many.players have said that the scene inside the level have to play several times to pass, sometimes are flawless to consider small tasks.Today small make up to everyone is the west tour defense east China sea dragon palace 5-2 checkpoint clearance strategy, look at it together.

Let's start by looking at additional small tasks.

1. No more than one tota king;

2. Set time to save the guardian;

3. Set time to destroy the sunken ship.

We need to know that it is not the most important thing whether the additional small task can be completed, but the most important thing is the clearance. We can try the small task later.So the first little task has to be done.So we are going to put the tota king in the most important position.

This is a good location, because this level has two ways of monsters, built here to protect both sides of the monster, can also play props.

Remember the first time tota king to the full level.

Then we can make the god of wealth, because the god of wealth will have additional ingot when attacking monsters, which can help us to accumulate ingot quickly, which is necessary to build.

Finally, if you're afraid of a lack of attack power, you can build other guardians to get through quickly.

Have a good time.