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West tour defense 3-18 time limit pass to complete small task strategy

West Tour Tower Defense Game Posted at: 2019-07-07 10:40:04

This level is a timed level that requires you to complete all monsters in a given time.Let's start with some additional tasks:

1. Let the dragon king destroy 10 monsters;

2. Set time to save the guardians;

3. Obtain gold ingot at specified time.

So the dragon king of this level to build the location and time to be accurate, and time to find out the guardians and hide time.

First of all, we put the pipa kings in the place where it can be built, because the pipa kings can play the props in the distance.

Secondly, the key point is not to hit the monster, first to hit the purse, only to empty the position, there is a position with gold ingot, in order to better build more guardians.

Now we can build the dragon king, using the characteristics of the dragon king, while eliminating monsters, while playing props.

Props other than money bags are easy to knock off.

Found the guardians.

Find the hidden time.

Did you learn?Wish you all a speedy clearance and complete all small tasks.