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Complete the additional tasks of thewest tour defense checkpoint (I)

West Tour Tower Defense Game Posted at: 2019-07-05 12:15:02

Players know to complete additional quests, because additional quests send a lot of diamonds.Diamonds can be used to buy props, buy health, resurrect, too useful.However, some missions are difficult to complete, such as the following 2-1 level, and to meet the requirements of building white dragon horse, white dragon horse and do not play strange, let tota king play strange.So how do we do that?Take a look at the strategy.

First of all, we have to build the tota king near the mouth of the monster, so that at the beginning of the strange will be killed by tota king.Remember to upgrade tota king first so it has enough power.

In addition, the third task is to destroy the fire tree, then we can put the white dragon horse built around the fire tree, using the white dragon horse group attack characteristics, to complete the third task.

The last point to pay attention to is the game or to pass the first task, do not do additional tasks, and make the level can not pass, it is not worth the loss.

Have a good time in the game.