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White elephants

West Tour Tower Defense Game Posted at: 2019-06-27 21:01:31


Introduction to boss:

Lion camel hole two strange is mount emei mount puxian bodhisattva six teeth white elephant, hand to a long gun, three zhangs tall, crouching silkworm eyebrow, red phoenix eyes, whitening as human voice, plaque bear teeth, nose like dragon.If a man contended with a man, and his nose was turned away, then his iron back and his bronze body were taken away.Two demons and eight quit in the fight, seven eight round beat eight quit, stretch out elephant trunk, gently roll, caught eight quit.Two demon coil live wu kong, wu kong USES golden weapon stick to go to two demon nostril one poke, make two demon reveal this elephant, promise to escort tang seng teacher and student to cross lion camel mountain.But three strange evil heart is not dead, and after a number of fights, pu xian bodhisattva in Buddha's life, take back the old elephant riding back to emei mountain.It is actually the white elephant of bodhisattva puxian.