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The lion beast

West Tour Tower Defense Game Posted at: 2019-06-27 21:00:07


Introduction to boss:

The lion camel cave old demon is the mount of manjusri bodhisattva.It was holding a bright steel knife, had changed in front of the south tianmen body, open wide mouth, like the general gate, forced to swallow will go, scare all the heavenly soldiers dare not meet, closed the south tianmen, so it was a swallow one hundred thousandSoldiers.Fight with sun wukong, pig eight quit, and a swallow sun wukong, wukong will be in the old devil belly somersault, vertical dragonfly, pain the old devil repeatedly beg for mercy.The old devil listens to the white elephant's plan, wants to bite the great sage when the wukong jumps the exit.Clever wu kong sees through his trick, try with golden hoop stick, get old demon front tooth smash, just know to ask for trouble.Sun wukong two jump out of the old devil mouth, with a hair into forty zhanglong rope, tied the old devil's heart, jumped out to tease the old devil to play.Finally, manjusri bodhisattva, under the command of the tathagata, descended the mountain to subdue the demons.It is actually the green lion mount of manjusri bodhisattva.In this pass is the real eldest brother, even if is the big peng old nest lion camel city small demon, is also obeys the green lion's command.