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White deer

West Tour Tower Defense Game Posted at: 2019-06-27 20:59:25


Introduction to boss:

The white deer is the mount of the Antarctic birthday star. One day, the birthday star does not pay attention, stealing the dragon's crutches of the birthday as a weapon, the lower bound is the fox, and she is dedicated to the king of the bhikkhu, and she is the man of the country. Commonly used children's heart and liver as a medicine primer, in order to find the millennium is not old. Tang Yan saw that he couldn’t bear it and let Sun Wukong save the innocent child. Sun Wukong is extremely brave, and where Bai Lujing can withstand the ghosts of the ghosts, Wukong and Bajie work together to destroy the demon spirits, and when they are about to kill the devils, the Antarctic birthday stars rush to the country. Zhang appeared the white deer's truth and conquered the white deer.