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Scorpion blame

West Tour Tower Defense Game Posted at: 2019-07-06 16:43:11


Introduction to boss:

Scorpion spirit is the female monster in journey to the west, she is beautiful as a flower, and has been practicing for many years.She was in the lei Yin temple to listen to the Buddha, the Buddha with a push, she turned down the horse poison pile planted the Buddha, the Buddha pain, urgent king kong to take her, she is in the west liang nv near the poison enemy mountain pipa cave.When tang seng and his disciples pass through the country of women, she USES a whirlwind to sweep away tang seng, all kinds of temptation, to become a couple of good things, and repeatedly defeated the Monkey King plus pig eight quit together.Finally, after guanyin bodhisattva pointed out, sun wukong found the pleiadian official, the scorpion spirit was killed by her pleiadian official.