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Earth God

West Tour Tower Defense Game Posted at: 2019-06-27 21:12:42


Skills to introduce:

The land belongs to the retarding turret.Can cast the earth to hold the speed of the monster, although the attack range and attack force can not compare with other guardians, but slow down effect is the strongest in the game, especially effective against the last big boss.

Introduction to guardian:

Except for one hundred thousand soldiers, the largest number of the western tour, and the highest frequency of the group when the first grassroots civil servants - land god.The so-called ten mile one land, the land god number is numerous, but unfortunately mostly the way line shallow, the status is lowly, may be regarded as the Taoism immortal system in the last rank "the sesame official".As the most basic gods, the duty of the land gods is to protect the living, stability and protection of the local homes.