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Tota Kings

West Tour Tower Defense Game Posted at: 2019-06-27 21:12:28


Skills to introduce:

Tota king is the king of group deceleration, can use the hands of the pagoda to drag the speed of the monster, belongs to the 360° range of attack, deceleration effect is high, not affected by terrain restrictions, but the attack force is low.

Introduction to guardian:

Li jing, king of tota, was the commander of the garrison in tiangong.Powerful and loyal to the jade emperor, he enjoys a high and important position in heaven.Whenever there is an important event, the jade emperor will appoint king li tian as his commander.Under the giant spirit god, fish belly, nezha three prince and other 100,000 god will tianbing, are under the command of the king of fine soldiers, in the way to help the tang monk four people through many disasters.Holding linglong pagoda, this tower full name: "thirty-three days of gold relic seven treasure linglong tower", made of gold, can receive all things, sacrifice in the air can be the enemy and trapped in the tower, set fire to, but also can throw attacks, more used for the town demon fall.