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Monk Sha

West Tour Tower Defense Game Posted at: 2019-06-27 21:09:44


Skills to introduce:

The crescent shovel in the hand of sand monk is made by the laurel branch that wu gang cuts down by lu ban, contain the power of the moon, can attack many monsters in a straight line, and let its slow down speed.

Introduction to guardian:

Sand monk, also called sand monk, sand wujing, from the four classics "journey to the west."Sha wujing is an indispensable important character in journey to the west.The staff of falling demon treasure is a weapon used by the sand monk. It is made by the laurel branch cut down by wu gang in lu ban.But in each kind of literature and art works, the weapon image is more for the crescent shovel.According to the original description, the staff as heavy as a nine-tooth rake.