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Red Boy

West Tour Tower Defense Game Posted at: 2019-06-27 21:07:29


Skills to introduce:

The red boy attack force that can 3 taste true fire nots allow small look, can launch fire beam to attack demon, and while continuing to attack, have certain probability to launch the big fire beam that power is powerful and can attack from a distance!

Introduction to

The son of the devil and the princess iron fan, nicknamed the baby king, lives in the fire cloud hole of the dry pine stream.Red boy is his baby name.He used a one-zhang eight-point gun with general martial arts, and practiced in the flaming mountain for three hundred years, refining into samadhi fire and spewing fire in his mouth. He was once a man in the magic way and did many evil things, but he was finally accepted by guanyin and became a disciple, who was appointed as shanchaitong, and then followed guanyin to finally achieve the true result.