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White Dragon Horse

West Tour Tower Defense Game Posted at: 2019-06-27 21:06:53


Skills to introduce:

White dragon horse is on the road to help pack luggage with tang seng's partner, can imagine the power of foot, can use horseshoe to step on the ground, a certain range of shock halo monster and cause damage!

Introduction to guardian:

White Dragon Horse, an important character in the novel journey to the west.He was the third prince of the dragon king of the west sea. He burned the pearl of the temple and was told by the dragon king of the west sea to be disobedient.After due to the south China sea guanyin bodhisattva to avoid the death penalty, was demoted to the snake panshan eagle worry stream waiting for the tang monk.Later, he ate the white horse that tang priest rode by mistake and was enlightened by bodhisattva. He became a white dragon horse and converted to Buddhism. He took tang priest to the west to get scriptures.After the long pool in the recovery of the body, winding in the great lei Yin temple on the tower.