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West Tour Tower Defense Game Posted at: 2019-06-27 21:02:06


Introduction to boss:

Hydra is a monster featured in the novel journey to the west. the original body is a nine-headed evil monster, is bibotan all saints dragon king's son-in-law.Because fall blood rain to steal sacrificial game Buddha treasure relic son and sun wukong teacher brother to produce conflict, nine head insect and sun wukong fight 30 rounds to lose or lose, later face sun wukong and pig eight quit of together, can't stand three or five rounds, then show this appearance, is a nine head insect, view its image very evil, see this body model be afraid of murder.After being defeated by Erlang god and xiao tian dog (sun wukong and ba jie are fighting against long zi long sun), he was bitten off a head by xiao tian dog and fled to the north sea without being found.